Fire Services

Rod Aide –Fire Chief

Personal Experience: Mr. Aide helped build a cheese factory in Wisconsin and managed the business for serval years. In 2001, he worked with the fire department in Wisconsin, and relocated in 2006 to Marion County and became a firefighter.  Mr. Aide currently works part time at the fire department in Columbus, Ga. He is also a nurse at Coch Food in Pine Mountain, Ga.

Community Service: Currently the Fire Chief in Tazewell, Ga.

Government Experience: Was a part of the Georgia Service Search and Rescue Team of Columbus, Ga for many years. He also served as the Coroner of Marion County the previous term.  

Education: High School Graduate in Highland, Wisconsin. Attended Darton College for Emergency Medical Technician.

Personal: Rod has two children that go by the names of Michael Aide and Marissa Aide.


Mission Statement

To protect life and property of the citizens and visitors of Marion County by providing technically advanced Emergency Medical, Fire Suppression, Education and Prevention Services in the most cost effective and customer service-oriented manner from a trained staff of professionals while recognizing our personnel as the key to our success.


Fire Rescue is responsible for planning, coordinating and implementing the fire prevention and suppression activities of seven volunteer fire stations in Marion County.  These fire stations are staffed with volunteer firefighters and first responders, who provide Fire and EMS support services to Marion County.