Chamber of Commerce

Chamber’s Participation in Related Boards, Committees, and Activities

  • Senate Rural Development Committee (Debby Ford, Chamber President, Presented)
  • Valley Partnership Joint Development Authority Board Member (Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce) (Debby Ford, Ron Hinze, Jason Tinsley, George Neal serve on Board to represent Marion)
  • Presidential Pathways Travel Association (Chamber is a member – Representatives at each meeting… Debby Ford and/or Cindy Haulk, Ginger Swint)
  • River Valley Regional Commission-2018-22 Regional Plan Leadership Team (Debby Ford, Ricky McCorckle)
  • GA Department of Economic Development Tourism Prod. Dev. Resource Team Workshops (Debby Ford and Cindy Haulk)
  • Pasaquan Preservation Society (Debby Ford and Giger Swint serve on Board)
  • All Local Events (School District Activities, Co. Commission, City Council, etc.)
  • Guest speaker at neighboring Chamber meetings and local organizations (Debby Ford)




  • Marion County Board of Commissioners
  • Marion County Economic Development Authority
  • City of Buena Vista
  • Marion County School District
  • Civic Organizations
  • Pasaquan Preservation Society

State and Regional:

  • Valley Partnership Joint Development Authority (VPJDA) Greater Columbus Chamber of Commerce
  • GA Department of Economic Development
  • GDEcD Tourism Product Development Division
  • GA Council for the Art
  • GA Department of Community Affairs
  • RVRC (River Valley Regional Commission)
  • Presentational Pathways Travel Association
  • Post-Secondary Institutions:
    • Columbus State University
    • Georgia Southwestern State University
    • South Georgia Technical College
    • Columbus Technical College

Grants Obtained by Chamber

  • AUG 2015…Community Foundation for Chattahoochee Valley – $20,000-
    • Welcome Center
    • Printing of Historic Tourism Maps & Rack Cards
    • Heritage Wall Panels
    • Street Furniture
    • Support for Interns to open and man new Welcome Center. Featured in Annual Report.
    • More to come.
  • AUG 2016 …GA Power Community Dev Grant – $10,000-
  • Downtown Development (Street Furniture…)
  • GDEcD Tourism Product Development Grants
  • May 2015 -$8,000- Conceptual Design
  • -$4,000- Matching from City
  • Nov 2016 -$10,000- Matching-Pea Ridge Arts Festival- include printing of materials
  • -$5,000- Matching from Econ. Dev. Authority and in-kind
  • Dec. 2017 -$8,000- Odyssey Tour
  • -$4,000- Matching from CSU/ Richland Rum/ Omaha Brewery
  • June 2018 (Pending) -$20,000- Swamp Fox Distillery, Inc.
  • -$10,000- Matching from Swamp Fox
  • February 2017 -$5,000- Festival Grant
  • Marion Economic Development Commission Grant -$10,000- Matching Signage & Printing
  • March 2018 …GA Transportation & Infrastructure Grant (Pending) -$1.5 million- Courthouse Square Park / Streetscape Project