Marion County Administration Staff

The County Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the County appointed by the Board of Commissioners to direct day-to-day functions of the government and carry out policies set by the commission. The Administration staff includes the following:

  • County Administrator – Mark Pullium
  • County Clerk – Sylvia Russell
  • Deputy County Clerk – Martyna Currington-Jenkins
  • County Attorney – Wayne Jernigan

Duties and Responsibilities

Administration directly oversees the following departments:

  • Facilities Maintenance
  • Financial Services
  • Purchasing
  • Record Keeping
  • Human Resources
  • Solid Waste
  • Budget Administration
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Roads/Public Works
  • Water
  • Recreation
  • Tax Assessment Office
  • Building Inspection, Code Enforcement, & Zoning
  • Emergency Management
  • Election & Registration Office

County Administrator

Mark Pullium

County Clerk


Sylvia Russell has worked for Marion County since 2018 and was appointed County Clerk in January 2020. She has a corporate background in general administration, systems analysis, and legal support. She has served as a volunteer with Marion County Recreation Department and Tourism Team.

Sylvia is a Marion County native and lives in the county with her husband and two sons.

Email the County Clerk:

Open Record Requests

Open record requests or requests for information about the Board of Commissioners agenda items should be directed to the County Clerk. Please download and fill out the Open Records Request Form before contacting.