Marion County Roads (Public Works)

The Road Department’s main mission is to build the dirt roads back up.

 A new mediation plan is in the works and could possible solve the issues with the dirt roads.

They also strive to be responsive and trustworthy, so the public can rely on them and know that work will be done for the community.

The Water and Road Departments have joined with ClearWater solutions to provide better service to the people of Marion County regarding roads and water.

  • Marion County has 180 miles of dirt roads and 170 miles of paved roads.

In order to maintain these roads, the road department is responsible for:

  • Repair and maintain all main county roads, residential roads, along with signs and storm damage
  • Grading, graveling and fixing dirt roads
  • Maintenance of trees, shrubbery, and grass only on county roads
  • Laying, cleaning, and maintaining drainage pipes
  • Respond to citizen’s requests

For more information about the road department or if you have a question or concern, please call Shane Cox at (229) 347-0268 or email him at