Senior Center

The Senior Center gives people over age 60 a place to come every Monday- Friday to participate in multiple activities throughout the week including parties, themed days, dancing, singing, fellowship, painting, sewing classes, exercise, and bingo.

Seniors can also enjoy the company of other seniors and grow relationships with other people from Marion County

Occasional Field trips are taken throughout the year including the annual lunch picnic.

The center also features the Meals on Wheels program. Meals on Wheels is a program that delivers lunch to seniors who cannot make it to the senior center Monday-Friday. There is varied eligibility to get on the program and a review process that may take time. If you are in need of food or would like to be on the Meals on Wheels program, call Nikol Aide and she can help you.

Call (229) 649-3920 for more information

The manager, Nikol Aide is married to Tracy Aide and has 2 daughters. She was a medical assistant before becoming the manager of the Buena Vista Senior Center and loves to be crafty and take trips down to the beach. Lunch is also given every day with the menu always changing its variety