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In 2016, fourteen Geocache sites were created for people to find in Marion County. For more information, please visit the Dime Store located on the Buena Vista Square.

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This colorful and vibrant area was home to Eddy Martin or St. EOM who lived from 1908-1986. He has an interesting past and devoted his time to creating the area known as Pasaquan. The area was recently restored and renovated and became open on October 22, 2016 to the public to inspire others and to let people come and visit Eddy Martin’s beloved home. More information can be found under the Columbus State University website.

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Annual Rural America Festival

Sponsored by the Buena Vista Lions Club and Garden Club, the Rural America Festival has been held every fall for the past 30 years. It is a popular event with vendors from everywhere in GA coming together to provide products and food that are very special. A parade is also held every year along with lots of entertainment to provide a fun filled day.